What is Type 1 Diabetes?: Signs and Symptoms

In today’s world, all the persons should have to take much care of their health because there are several reasons and causes obtainable to get the unwanted diseases like diabetes. When your son or daughter has been diagnosed with the type 1 diabetes, then you are getting the frightened and devastated feel. Once it has been found, you should be calm and patient to take care of his or her health by understanding the type 1diabetes in the children and for more details visit this site http://momblogsociety.com.

What is type 1 diabetes (T1D) and insulin?

In majority of the cases, the type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed during the childhood. At the same time, it is also appearing in the early adulthood in the humans. T1D is usually caused by the human body which is begin unable to break down the sugars and starches into glucose which is the simple sugar utilized for the overall body energy. According to the latest research, about 5 % of the people who have been diagnosed with the diabetes will have the type one diabetes. Before going to the diagnose process of the diabetes, first of all you should need to understand about the insulin. Insulin is actually a type of hormone which is highly responsible to help the entire human body which moves a level of glucose from the body bloodstream to the cells. The beta cells existing in the pancreas secrete insulin but the human body can’t able to produce insulin in some cases.


Almost all the physicians and health care providers are providing the best level of treatment when it is found that your blood contains higher amount of glucose and lower amount of insulin level. The individuals with the type 1 diabetes should have to take insulin in the form of injection. If you have type 2 diabetes, it is significant to control your blood glucose levels. When it comes to the blood glucose monitoring levels, there are usually two major downsides available to the kids with the type one diabetes. They include constant blood glucose monitoring and as well as avoiding some kinds of foods which you enjoy eating. While taking your child for the diabetes diagnose process, first of all you should have to clearly explain about your child’s health condition to the nurse and physician and then you can take the diagnose process.


Symptoms and treatments of type 1 diabetes:


Type 1 diabetes is also known as the insulin dependent diabetes and juvenile diabetes which is in fact the chronic condition in which the pancreas creates no or little insulin. The various factors would be the causes for the T1D including some viruses, genetics and more. When your kid has the T1D, he or she will get the following signs & symptoms including,



  • Frequent urination
  • Increased thirst
  • Extreme hunger
  • Bed wetting in kids who previously didn’t wet your bed while sleeping at night.
  • Irritability & some other mood changes
  • Unintended weight los
  • Blurred vision
  • Weakness and fatigue



If your children have maximum exposure to the viruses and some other environmental factors, they will get maximum chances to get the type 1 diabetes. Genetics is also the main reason for the occurrence of the diabetes. By this way, if the parents or any of the family members has type one diabetes then the kid will also get the same.


Over time, the type 1 diabetes will affect your major organs in the body including blood vessels, heart, eyes, nerves and as well as kidneys. If you are maintaining a normal blood sugar level, it will surely reduce these risk factors. In order to reduce the blood sugar levels and control your T1D, the best treatment is taking the several numbers of the insulin injections every day or you can also use the insulin pump. Once you start taking the insulin injections, you should have to frequently monitoring the blood sugar levels several times to overview your current condition. Some of the physicians are also providing the tablets to cure the type 1 diabetes by reducing the blood sugar levels and improving the immune system better.

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