The Great Steps for the Drug Addicts

In our time there are quite a few different centers for the rehabilitation of drug addicts. And sometimes choose the one that is right for you, not easy. On which aspects of the work of the center should pay attention to the choice, so as not to be mistaken? After all, the correctness of this choice largely depends on the ability to recover from drug dependence.

Learn more:

  • how many years this rehabilitation center exists;
  • What program does it work for?
  • how long rehabilitation lasts in this center;
  • what activities are carried out in the process of recovery;
  • In what conditions do rehabilitants live?

On these basic points, you can judge whether this rehabilitation center is right for you, or not. Do not be afraid to ask specialists of the center on the issues that interest you, because in their hands you will give your health.

  • Rehabilitation centers for drug addicts focus on psychotherapy, as it helps to understand the reasons why a person started using drugs and restore his emotional sphere.
  • Another component of rehabilitation programs is labor therapy. It allows the patient to occupy himself with useful work, not to be distracted by thoughts about drugs, and also to self-restrain himself. Physical recovery of the body is given great attention not only in narcological clinics, but also in rehabilitation centers. After all, physical education and sports help to maintain a good physical shape, and in a healthy body, as you know a healthy mind.
  • Rehabilitation of drug addicts is also the initial stage of social adaptation, very important for the restoration of a person as a full member of society.

Ambulatory rehabilitation programs

Many patients in order to get rid of mental addiction do not necessarily leave the city and undergo treatment in a closed institution. Someone is quite enough to have the opportunity to regularly visit a support group and consult with an expert. As in the case of rehabilitation centers, there are a great many outpatient rehabilitation programs. The most famous in Russia is the program of the society “Anonymous drug addicts” under the name “12 Steps”. This program is a regular, for many years, visit to the self-help group. ┬áIn the orange county you will have the best Psychotherapeutic groups that are often organized at narcological dispensaries, private clinics, and various psychological centers.

Some families decide to independently carry out the rehabilitation process by taking over the functions of the group. In this case, the family needs to meet regularly with a specialist to conduct counseling and classes on so-called “family” therapy. In some cases it is even possible to organize a kind of “family rehab center” for the child-take him to the dacha, to the village, etc. It is important to understand that taking away does not mean curing-you may have to sacrifice part of your personal plans to create child conditions conducive to recovery. Recall that rehabilitation is mainly a process of communication and learning, so the role of the teacher in this case is taken up by the parents. Before making such a decision it is important to consult with a specialist and, possibly, also undergo a small course of family therapy.

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